Organic Oat Groats

Organic Oat Groats

weight: 500gm

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Nutritional and Health Value:

Since organic oat groats still contain the bran layer of the grain kernel, they have a high fiber content and still contain many nutrients. Organic oat groats are particularly high in potassium and they contain some calcium, as well. They are also a good source of protein and B vitamins. Organic oat groats help lower the amount of blood-serum cholesterol because they contain a large amount of soluble fiber, which will slow down the absorption of glucose in your body.

Cooking Organic Oat Groats:

Organic Oat groats need to be soaked several times with a change of water between each soaking, so they can be effectively used as a food source. The most common dish for organic oat groats is porridge or breakfast gruel, as it is sometimes called. Organic oat gruel is nothing but oat groats, or whole oats, cooked in boiling water after soaking. Organic oat groats cook in a very similar manner to rice. Spices, flavoring and the addition of a dairy product can help make this hearty, breakfast staple a tasty and nutritional breakfast dish.

- Beta-Glucan
- No Herbicides
- No Pesticides
- Original Delicious

Ingredients: Organic Oat