Melrose Omega Care Table Spread

Melrose Omega Care Table Spread

weight: 360gm

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Omega Care is made by an entirely different process to margarine and butter. Margarine and butter require at least 20% saturated fat (hard fats) to form a solid matrix. Butter already has over 50% saturated fat and margarine requires hydrogenation or interesterification to produce hard saturated fats. Omega Care is made by a very simple cold process using advanced emulsion technology. The process is patented.

Melrose Omega 3 Spread is rich in Omega 3 and has the lowest saturated fat content of all table spreads including margarine, with less than 9%. Daily use of Melrose Omega Care spread can aid in restoring the balance of omega nutrients in the body and help maintain a healthy heart.


Omega Care contains:

- Canola oil 60%
- Flaxseed oil 10%
- Purified water 28%
- Soy protein isolate, Inulin
- Sea salt, Xanthan gum
- Maize starch, Sorbic acid
- Citric acid
- Beta carotene
- Vitamin E
- Rosemary extract
- Vitamins A & D