Pureharvest Organic 100% Australian Honey Raw 1kg

Pureharvest Organic 100% Australian Honey Raw 1kg

weight: 1kg

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- Pureharvest certified organic honey is full flavoured natural sweeterner.

- Organic certification is your guarantee that this honey is FREE OF any added chemicals. The bees have NOT been fed with sugar, and no chemicals are used when extracting the honey.

- To make sure the nutrients of the honey are passed on to you and as with all organic product in Australia there are strict standards of collection, processing and packaging that must be confirmed to. Organic honey cannot be heated above 40°C compared to conventional honey that is heated to in excess of 60°C. The fact that our honey is starting to crystallize is evidence that it is unheated. Once honey has been heated to over 50°C the chemical structure of the honey alters and it can no longer crystallize.

Product of Australia