Bio Repair Plus Sensitivity Control Toothpaste

Bio Repair Plus Sensitivity Control Toothpaste

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RM 50.00

The patented Biorepair® Plus Sensitive Teeth  formula acts on the dentin in order to reactivate the dentin tubules protection, reducing the problem of sensitivity.


We suggest that you use the Biorepair® Plus Sensitive Teeth toothpaste, at least twice per day, after the main meals.
For a rapid desensitizing action, Biorepair® Plus Sensitive Teeth can be applied directly on the tooth base, softly massaging for 30 seconds. Then, rinse accurately.
Also Children under 6 years of age are allowed to use Biorepair® Plus Sensitive Teeth is permitted, thanks to the lack of Fluoride ions: microRepair® promotes the remineralization of both the enamel and dentin.


What makes Biorepair® Plus Sensitive Teeth different from other toothpastes:
Biorepair® Plus Sensitive Teeth thanks to microRepair®, repairs the tooth enamel chemically bonding with it and dentin, closing the tubules and preventing the thermal stimuli to reach the nerve on the enamel. Moreover, it protects from the enamel erosion and reduces the loss of teeth whiteness.