Organic Oat Milk

Organic Oat Milk


weight: 850gm

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Select the finest oats from the screening of raw materials, washing, ripening, cryogenic until grinding process, by deploying with advanced machine and technology. With the most complete hygienic environment and strict quality control system, adhere to high quality level for production, preserve the natural flavour and nutrients of the food to ensure no preservatives added, unique taste, mellow and mild, suitable for all age level with various physical fitness for consumption, are essential for the whole family daily nutritional supplements.

Strict selection of oat varieties planted with natural farming method, i.e. in the stringent condition of no fertilizer polllution and no residues pesticide to produce the best quality oat milk and the production of oat milk must be certified organically by the certification organization.

The main ingredients are protein, unsaturated fatty acids, carotene, vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus, iron, trace minerals, Beta-glucan which is rich in soluble fiber.

- Unsweetened
- Trans Fat Free
- Cholesterol-Free
- Lactose-Free
- Non-Dairy Products
- Not Genetically Modified
- No Cane Sugar
- No Preservatives
- No pesticides
- No Herbicides
- Low Fat
- High Fibre
- Source of Protein
- Whole Grain
- Cryogenic Grinding Process
- Suitable for Vegetarians

Organic Embryo Oat, Organic Flaxseed Oil, Soy Protein (non-GMO), Soy Lecithin (non-GMO), Wheat Germs, Sesame Powder, Dextrin Oligosaccharides (oligo), Chicory Dietary Fiber (Netherlands, non-GMO), Calcium Gluconate.

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size per 25g
Energy 118Kcal
Protein 3.1g
Total Fat 5.9g
Saturated Fat 2.9g
Trans Fat 0g
Total Carbohydrate 12.9g
Dietary Fiber 1.8g
Sugar 0g
Sodium 88mg
Calcium 87.5mg

*Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Use within 4 weeks of opening.