Organic SoyBean Powder (Low Added Sugar )

Organic SoyBean Powder (Low Added Sugar )


weight: 500gm

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LOHAS Organic Soybean Powder is 100% Non GMO and premier quality beverage. With high technology production in peeling, bud-removing, fat-skimming, urease-eliminating, odour-eliminating, mycotoxin-removing, disinfecting, concentrated and spray-dry processes. With the best formula to produce the organic soybean powder. LOHAS Organic Soybean Powder is good for our whole family's daily consumption and naturally delicious taste.

- De-skinned
- Gluten-Free
- Trans Fat Free
- Cholesterol-Free
- Lactose-Free
- Non-Dairy Product
- No Presticides
- No Herbicides
- Not Genetically Modified
- Low fat
- High Fibre
- High Protein
- Rich in Isoflavone, Oligosaccharides, Saponin & Soy Lecithin
- Suitable for Vegetarians

100% Organic De-skinned Soybeans & Oligosaccharide (prebiotic)